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Film Review: ‘Sorry We’re Closed’- The Effects Of Covid On The Restaurant Industry

Peter Ferriero’s new documentary “Sorry, We’re Closed” is an informative piece that shows the struggles of restaurant owners during the perilous and dangerous time of Covid-19. The Covid pandemic showed the world America’s true face. The imbeciles who populated the

Film Review: ‘Summoning The Spirit’- A Monster Movie with A Soul

Jon Garcia’s “Summoning the Spirit” is something special. In the horror genre, movies about a monstrous Bigfoot exist as the smallest of sub-genres. In truth, there are only two good ones; Charles B. Pierce’s 1972 cult hit “The Legend of

Film Review- Kill Shot: Somewhat Passable Old School Action Flick

Director Ari Novak’s “Kill Shot” starts off pretty well, as it uses its opening moments to firmly lock in a sense of unease through silence and movement. A young Afghan girl (Anaya Patel) moves through an illegal drug manufacturing plant.

Film Review: ‘Padre Pio’- A Haunting Treatise On Faith And Fascism

Filmmaker Abel Ferrara is a strange cat and one hell of a cinematic artist. Shia LaBeouf is a strange cat and a damn good actor. Ferrara’s latest, “Padre Pio” brings these two unique personalities together for a tale of spirituality,

Film Review: ‘Biosphere’- Gender Fluidity And The Saving Of Humanity

For decades, Science Fiction films have been used to examine almost every aspect of society and humanity. Mel Eslyn’s “Biosphere” uses its “Silent Running” tinged Sci-Fi surroundings to probe the insights of male friendship, and the perceptions of masculinity, sexuality,

Film Review: ‘Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny’- Indy Retires

As the tag line taught us, “If Adventure has a name, it must be Indiana Jones!” The beloved movie hero has returned for one last ride. For Indy’s final quest, director James Mangold (and co-writers David Koepp and John-Henry and

Film Review: ‘God Is A Bullet’- Shaken Faith In A World Of Violence

Nick Cassavetes’ “God is a Bullet” knows exactly what type of film it desires to be. The director is proudly unapologetic when taking his audience through the picture’s dark and ultra-violent journey, but this isn’t mere exploitation for the sake

Film review: ‘Mermaid’s Lament”- Fantasy, Reality, And The Soul

Doing press for his soon to be released film “Mermaid’s Lament”, director G.B. Hajim released a statement; “My son and I have anxiety. Without medication it can be unbearable at times. The one place we never feel anxious about is

Film Review: ‘The Stroll’- An Important Piece Of LGBTQ+ History

In the new HBO documentary “The Stroll”, director Kristen Lovell and her fellow trans filmmaker Zackary Drucker shine a light on the queer community who spent years walking the titular area of New York City’s meat packing district. From the

Film Review: ‘Surrounded’- A Western With Deeper Subtext

With the Western in extremely short supply these days, it is always exciting when a new oater rides into cinemas. 2023 began with a good one, Brett Donowho’s “The Old Way” starring Nicolas Cage. As we come to the year’s