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Passion fuels everything behind The Movie Revue.

A culmination of film, travel and technology, The Movie Revue is an expression of all of those passions, as we explore the Cinema of the Unknown – people, places, times.

Films have a way of becoming a fabric in our lives – a way to express ourselves using characters or situations we would not normally find ourselves in.

That’s why film is an escape.

Our goal at The Movie Revue is to connect filmgoers with films and news that speaks to them. We cover a broad range of feature films from the A-list blockbuster to the independent film maker looking to find that audience to the documentary that everyone will be talking about. We’ll be focusing on the news of Hollywood that not only impacts the power players, but the everyday filmgoer too. We’ll spotlight home video releases with discussions on the technology behind the magic you see on your home theater screens.

We’re not just focused on the future; we need to keep our mind on the past too. There’s a treasure trove of films that we have yet to uncover and in 2020, we’re going to do just that.

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The Movie Revue is a proud member of GALECA.