Dante’s Hell duo, “Dante’s Inferno – Abandon All Hope” and “Dante’s Hell Animated” are exceptional.

Boris Acosta offers an insightful look into Hell with his documentary, “Dante’s Inferno – Abandon All Hope” followed by his animated version of Dante’s journey with “Dante’s Hell Animated.” In Sunday School, stories would be shared of the afterlife; if you were good, and followed the Commandments, you would be offered a life in heaven. […]

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The Commuter by Brian Wallinger

January has always proven to be a temperamental month for films, coming off the end of award season. The season starts over into each new year with a mix bag of produced filler material that ranges from either “good” to absolute “dumpster fire” with no real balance of a middle ground. occasionally, there have proven […]

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“This is not the end….” Although we might come back with Top 10 list of 2017, I have become too busy to manage this site and so in order to focus on other avenues, it is with sincere regret that I announce that The Movie Revue is going on an extended hiatus. Don’t fret.  My […]

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