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‘Eileen’ Film review: Thomasin McKenzie and Anne Hathaway make an Intense Screen Pairing

Thomasin McKenzie is an actress who gets better and better with each new film. William Oldroyd’s “Eileen” continues her streak of great performances, as the always interesting young actress gets one of her meatiest roles yet. McKenzie plays the reserved

‘Saltburn’ Film Review: A Deliciously Wicked Thriller

2020’s “Promising Young Woman” was Emerald Fennell’s filmmaking debut, a uniquely stylish and sharp-edged condemnation of rape culture. The director’s screenplay won her a well-deserved Oscar and announced a striking new voice in modern cinema. After writing six episodes of

Film Review: ‘The Killer’- David Fincher at His Most Playful

We have been through this world many times. The lone assassin, meticulous in his skills, who lives by a strict code. A job gone wrong leading to betrayal by former confidants and a quest to prevent himself from becoming a

Film Review: ‘Reptile’- An Esoteric Police Procedural

The intriguing new police thriller “Reptile” is a compelling motion picture crafted with an esoteric edge. Making his feature filmmaking debut, Grant Singer has directed a mood-piece procedural with patience and a philosophical depth that is lacking in most modern

Film Review: ‘Failure’- A Great Ted Raimi Anchors A Gripping Thriller

Alex Kahuam’s “Failure!” is a well-written character piece that gives actor Ted Raimi a role that shows off the actor’s underused depth of talent.   As James, a man teetering on the precipice of financial and familial ruin, Raimi is

Film Review- Kill Shot: Somewhat Passable Old School Action Flick

Director Ari Novak’s “Kill Shot” starts off pretty well, as it uses its opening moments to firmly lock in a sense of unease through silence and movement. A young Afghan girl (Anaya Patel) moves through an illegal drug manufacturing plant.

Film Review: ‘God Is A Bullet’- Shaken Faith In A World Of Violence

Nick Cassavetes’ “God is a Bullet” knows exactly what type of film it desires to be. The director is proudly unapologetic when taking his audience through the picture’s dark and ultra-violent journey, but this isn’t mere exploitation for the sake

Tribeca 2023: ‘Cinnamon’- Film Review

Tribeca Film Festival 2023- “Cinnamon” This year’s Tribeca festival was a good one. It saddens me to have to wrap it up with what will certainly go down as one of the worst films of the year, Bryian Keith Montgomery

Tribeca 2023: ‘One Night With Adela’- Film Review

Tribeca Film Festival 2023- “One Night with Adela”. Hugo Ruiz’s “One Night with Adela” is a gritty tale of revenge designed to be experienced as one unbroken shot. The style of making your film appear as one continuous take is,

Film Review: ‘Esme, My Love’- A Tragic Past Shapes A Tragic Future

How one’s life plays out can never be predicted. Death, however, is guaranteed. Director Cory Choy’s “Esme, My Love” explores the bond between mother and daughter and how death is always one step behind us. The finality of life dictates