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‘A Creature Was Stirring’ Film Review: Monstrous Winter Chills

Christmas time is here! Time for joy and time for fear, as the new film “A Creature Was Stirring” makes its way into genre fan’s stockings just in time for the holidays. Directed by Damien LeVeck from a feature debut

‘Leave the World Behind’ Film Review: A Gripping Tale of Society’s Fall

Sam Esmail’s “Leave the World Behind” starts with this generation’s worst nightmare; the internet goes down. For anyone born in the years after Generation Z, there is nothing more terrifying than not being able to check social media or email,

‘Lord of Misrule’ Film Review: Intensely Chilling Folk Horror

Director William Brent Bell’s beautifully dark “Lord of Misrule” is a disturbing mystery/horror picture that leans in to historical English superstitions and pagan beliefs to create a compelling viewing experience. Bell’s film finds palpable terror in its unsettling atmosphere and

‘Godzilla Minus One’ Film review: A Supreme Spectacle of Monster Movie Excellence

All hail Yamazaki Takashi! The writer/director understands the essence of the Godzilla pictures, recognizing how the best of them were always more than just kaiju carnage. Set in the aftermath of World War II, and having something potent to say

‘It’s a Wonderful Knife’ Film Review: A Lump of Coal in Our Christmas Stocking

Ignited by the popularity of Blumhouse’s “Halloween” trilogy and the unending “Scream” series, slasher films have seen a resurgence. 2023 began with the sixth “Scream” film and has been inundated with slasher creepers such as “Dark Harvest”, “Totally Killer”, “Killer

‘Eileen’ Film review: Thomasin McKenzie and Anne Hathaway make an Intense Screen Pairing

Thomasin McKenzie is an actress who gets better and better with each new film. William Oldroyd’s “Eileen” continues her streak of great performances, as the always interesting young actress gets one of her meatiest roles yet. McKenzie plays the reserved

‘Thanksgiving’ Film Review: A Blast of Holiday Horror Fun

Whatever one thinks of his filmography thus far, there is no denying Eli Roth can make a horror movie. A member of the unfairly dubbed “Splat Pack” (due to the extreme gore found in his films), Roth is an avid

‘Napoleon’ Film Review: Old School Epic in the Grand Tradition

The time when the major studios would throw millions at historical epics to cover their production and advertising costs have all but gone the way of the samurai. Today, it is the rare filmmaker who can command the trust of

‘Saltburn’ Film Review: A Deliciously Wicked Thriller

2020’s “Promising Young Woman” was Emerald Fennell’s filmmaking debut, a uniquely stylish and sharp-edged condemnation of rape culture. The director’s screenplay won her a well-deserved Oscar and announced a striking new voice in modern cinema. After writing six episodes of

‘Merchant Ivory’ Film Review: A Moving, In Depth Look at Two Of Cinema’s Best Filmmakers

In the beginning of the quite wonderful new documentary “Merchant Ivory”, Emma Thompson is speaking of her introduction to their films. The actress remembers it was their 1986 classic “A Room With a View” and speaks of “the beauty of