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Film Review: ‘Fair Play’- All is Not Fair in Love and Work

Writer-director Chloe Domont’s thriller “Fair Play” is the kind of NYC-set adult thriller that finds the purest of souls falling down a pit of moral corruption. The devil that you know comes in the form of power players in expensive

Film Review: ‘Reptile’- An Esoteric Police Procedural

The intriguing new police thriller “Reptile” is a compelling motion picture crafted with an esoteric edge. Making his feature filmmaking debut, Grant Singer has directed a mood-piece procedural with patience and a philosophical depth that is lacking in most modern

Film Review: ‘No One Will Save You’- A Surprising, Emotional Sci-Fi Horror

Writer/director Brian Duffield’s 2020 film “Spontaneous” was a clever mix of comedy, teen drama, and horror. With that film, the director defied audiences’ expectations and delivered something fresh and surprisingly moving, blending genre conventions with social metaphors to great effect.

Miniseries Review: ‘The Fall Of The House Of Usher’- A Horror Triumph

The latest Netflix horror miniseries, “The Fall of the House of Usher“, finds Mike Flanagan continuing his quest to be one of the most interesting filmmakers in modern horror. Beginning with 2018’s “The Haunting of Hill House” and continuing through 2020’s

Film Review: ‘It Lives inside’- Atmospheric Horror With A Cultural Backdrop

Director Bishal Dutta understands the importance of atmosphere. Making his feature debut with the new demonic horror film “It Lives Inside”, Dutta takes time presenting his characters and story, slowly unfolding his tale of terror and creating a proper sense

Film Review: ‘Cassandro’- An Inspiring Tale Of Acceptance

In director Roger Ross Williams’ “Cassandro”, Gael García Bernal gives a performance of vibrant beauty. The actor’s presence here is one of purity and warmth earning the early talk of a long overdue Oscar nomination.   Written by David Teague

Film Review: Hidden Strike- A Big, Loud, Waste Of A Martial Arts Legend

Since I was a teenager, I have been a disciple of the legend that is Jackie Chan. Many of his late 70s and a good amount of his 80s Hong Kong films are classics or close to it. At the

Film Review: ‘Failure’- A Great Ted Raimi Anchors A Gripping Thriller

Alex Kahuam’s “Failure!” is a well-written character piece that gives actor Ted Raimi a role that shows off the actor’s underused depth of talent.   As James, a man teetering on the precipice of financial and familial ruin, Raimi is

Film Review: ‘That’s A Wrap’- A Clever, Giallo-Tinged, Slasher Homage

Shown at this year’s Florida based Popcorn Frights Festival (and premiering this weekend at the 2023 Frightfest London), Marcel Walz’s “That’s a Wrap” is a new low budget horror film that is stylish and quite entertaining.   Writers Joe Knetter

Film Review: ‘The Adults’- Regret, Ennui, And The Bond Of Family

Giving the first deeply layered performance of his career (his best to date), Michael Cera is extremely good in Dustin Guy Defa’s smart, moving, and ironically titled “The Adults”. Cera is Eric, a thirty-something who has come home to visit