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Film Review: ‘Failure’- A Great Ted Raimi Anchors A Gripping Thriller

Alex Kahuam’s “Failure!” is a well-written character piece that gives actor Ted Raimi a role that shows off the actor’s underused depth of talent.   As James, a man teetering on the precipice of financial and familial ruin, Raimi is

Film Review: ‘That’s A Wrap’- A Clever, Giallo-Tinged, Slasher Homage

Shown at this year’s Florida based Popcorn Frights Festival (and premiering this weekend at the 2023 Frightfest London), Marcel Walz’s “That’s a Wrap” is a new low budget horror film that is stylish and quite entertaining.   Writers Joe Knetter

Film review: ‘Mermaid’s Lament”- Fantasy, Reality, And The Soul

Doing press for his soon to be released film “Mermaid’s Lament”, director G.B. Hajim released a statement; “My son and I have anxiety. Without medication it can be unbearable at times. The one place we never feel anxious about is

Tribeca 2023: ‘Cinnamon’- Film Review

Tribeca Film Festival 2023- “Cinnamon” This year’s Tribeca festival was a good one. It saddens me to have to wrap it up with what will certainly go down as one of the worst films of the year, Bryian Keith Montgomery

Tribeca 2023: “Stan Lee”- Film Review

Tribeca 2023- “Stan Lee” David Gelb’s new documentary “Stan Lee” is, for this critic, an important film for two reasons. The first being that the life and career of Stan Lee are inspiring to everyone young and old. Lee was

Tribeca 2023: ‘The Future’- Film Review

Tribeca 2023- “The Future” The one constant in life is that our future is uncertain. We can plan for it and do our best to guide where our life goes, but life itself promises no absolutes. Writer/director Noam Kaplan explores

Tribeca 2023: ‘Rather’- Film Review

Tribeca Film Festival 2023- “Rather” Moving into his 90s as strong as he has ever been, Dan Rather continues to stand as one of the most important giants of American journalism. Frank Marshall’s “Rather” is a sharp and informative examination

Tribeca 2023: ‘Hey, Viktor!”- Film Review

Tribeca Film Festival 2023- “Hey, Viktor!” The mockumentary has been around for decades, but it was Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” that set the tone for actual performers playing over-the-top versions of themselves and their everyday lives. Cody Lightning’s “Hey,

Film Review: ‘Still Working 9 To 5’- The Enduring Legacy Of A Classic

Camille Hardman and Gary Lane’s “Still Working 9 to 5” is a wonderful, well-done, and timely documentary about the wonderful, well-done, and timely 1980 comedy “9 to 5” and its enduring legacy. The picture spends its entertaining first half showing

Tribeca 2023: ‘One Night With Adela’- Film Review

Tribeca Film Festival 2023- “One Night with Adela”. Hugo Ruiz’s “One Night with Adela” is a gritty tale of revenge designed to be experienced as one unbroken shot. The style of making your film appear as one continuous take is,