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‘Merchant Ivory’ Film Review: A Moving, In Depth Look at Two Of Cinema’s Best Filmmakers

In the beginning of the quite wonderful new documentary “Merchant Ivory”, Emma Thompson is speaking of her introduction to their films. The actress remembers it was their 1986 classic “A Room With a View” and speaks of “the beauty of

Film Review: ‘Sorry We’re Closed’- The Effects Of Covid On The Restaurant Industry

Peter Ferriero’s new documentary “Sorry, We’re Closed” is an informative piece that shows the struggles of restaurant owners during the perilous and dangerous time of Covid-19. The Covid pandemic showed the world America’s true face. The imbeciles who populated the

Film Review: ‘The Stroll’- An Important Piece Of LGBTQ+ History

In the new HBO documentary “The Stroll”, director Kristen Lovell and her fellow trans filmmaker Zackary Drucker shine a light on the queer community who spent years walking the titular area of New York City’s meat packing district. From the

Tribeca 2023: “Stan Lee”- Film Review

Tribeca 2023- “Stan Lee” David Gelb’s new documentary “Stan Lee” is, for this critic, an important film for two reasons. The first being that the life and career of Stan Lee are inspiring to everyone young and old. Lee was

Tribeca 2023: ‘Rather’- Film Review

Tribeca Film Festival 2023- “Rather” Moving into his 90s as strong as he has ever been, Dan Rather continues to stand as one of the most important giants of American journalism. Frank Marshall’s “Rather” is a sharp and informative examination

Film Review: ‘Still Working 9 To 5’- The Enduring Legacy Of A Classic

Camille Hardman and Gary Lane’s “Still Working 9 to 5” is a wonderful, well-done, and timely documentary about the wonderful, well-done, and timely 1980 comedy “9 to 5” and its enduring legacy. The picture spends its entertaining first half showing

Tribeca 2023: ‘Chasing Chasing Amy’- Film Review

Tribeca Film Festival 2023- “Chasing Chasing Amy” The legacy of Kevin Smith’s 1997 film “Chasing Amy” is strong, but complex. Director Sav Rodgers was deeply affected by the work and created the new documentary “Chasing Chasing Amy” to examine the

Film Review: ‘Being Mary Tyler Moore’- An Honest Tribute To An Icon

If James Adolphus’ insightful documentary “Being Mary Tyler Moore” teaches us anything, it is that the entertainment industry of today will never again produce another icon. The current American culture of films and broadcast television is one that refuses to

Film Review: ‘The King of Wuxia’- King Hu Documentary’s U.S. Premiere

The 10th Old School Kung Fu Fest: Sword-fighting Heroes Edition– “The King of Wuxia” Any fan of Martial Arts films knows the name King Hu. Every director who has ever done a wuxia-styled action film was influenced by his vision.

Overlook Film Festival 2023: ‘Mister Organ’- Film Review

A walking, talking, tsunami of utter bullshit, Michael Organ is an insufferable man who was born to be smacked across his face. David Farrier’s “Mister Organ” sharply unravels the layers of lies and criminal acts perpetrated by this extremely dangerous