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Film Review: ‘Sorry We’re Closed’- The Effects Of Covid On The Restaurant Industry

Peter Ferriero’s new documentary “Sorry, We’re Closed” is an informative piece that shows the struggles of restaurant owners during the perilous and dangerous time of Covid-19. The Covid pandemic showed the world America’s true face. The imbeciles who populated the

‘Emancipation’ Film Review: Will Smith Starrer Struggles To Find Identity

As students, we’re taught about the Emancipation Proclamation that Lincoln signed in the 1800s. What we’re not taught is the effort it took those who were enslaved to free themselves. To this day, we’re still not introduced to the bold

‘Luck’- Film Review

Back in 1983, I was a big fan of the song “Lucky Star” by a new singer named Madonna. After seeing the first Skydance Animation release, “Luck”, I never want to listen to the song again, as the film has