It is difficult to tell the story of Jeremy A. Lopez’s One for All: The DJ Chris Villa Story without mentioning my own. As Chris says in the documentary, “keep it simple.”

So, I won’t start with my own story other than to say, “it’s complicated.” Chris Villa’s story is complex. Lopez keeps it simple.

Villa, a local Phoenix DJ, draws his power and inspiration from his inner circle: his family, his children, and within. A beat, a rhythm, not unlike Villa’s style, ebbs and flows through Lopez’s narrative, and like so many, all it took was one riff in a Guitar Center store to catch the attention “Davey D,” a local radio host elevating Villa at age 13. That’s not the whole story, though, and One for All clearly enunciates the power and influence of family.

The son of two music-loving parents, Chris made his way through the ranks of not only being the middle child of five but of having three of his own. His wife, Terra, is one of his most significant, if not most prominent, supporters. Chris is at the center of Lopez’s narrative; however, to see Terra defending Chris was terrific. Chris has not only worked the national airwaves with SiriusXM, but has worked with the Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Suns, and the Arizona Cardinals as their respective official “DJ.” And that’s just scratching the surface.

One for All splits its time between Chris’ blood relatives, especially his father, Eddie Villa Sr, and Chris’ own journey. Each interviewee remained upbeat and positive, even through more difficult moments, especially for Chris, his father, for Terra. Despite what the camera and mics capture, you can walk away from One For All in a positive, upbeat way. It’s hard not to wax poetic about the documentary; the beat pulses and radiates through Chris’ positive disposition on an unforgiving stage. The emotions exhibited in the interviews demonstrate the support Chris has to live his dreams.

A sense of pride falls over this Phoenician transplant. Rap and hip hop are not my standard go-to’s; however, I’ll make it no secret, though, that I appreciate the artistry that goes into the two styles and Chris’ ability to take them a step further; he bridges the past with the present, for an exciting future. His appreciation of older music, giving new life to all forms of music and artists in different shapes and contexts, elevates One for All. Villa represents one for all.

Even through the haze of the beats and light, Chris’ light shines brightly. He reminds us that work isn’t work if it is fun – and Chris has fun, he is passionate and remains humble.

One for All has the essence of John G. Avildsen’s Rocky from 1976. In the documentary‘s third act sits the Red Bull 3Style World Championship competition of 2018 set, ironically, in Philadelphia. Going into the documentary, I knew nothing about its outcome making the story all the sweeter. It’s like a trailer for a movie – I don’t want to know what’s coming; I want to go into a movie or event cold. For someone who doesn’t know the outcome, please don’t Google it. Chris’ run isn’t a one-two punch; he doesn’t throw down against his competitors in the competition. He respects the game and plays it for what it is – control the room, recover, and come back stronger.

Chris Villa has game. Jeremy A. Lopez’s One for All: The DJ Chris Villa Story has game. Check it out on Amazon for rental or purchase.

One for All: The DJ Chris Villa Story

Directed by: Jeremy A. Lopez

Featuring: DJ Chris Villa, Terra Villa, DJ J. Espinoza, DJ Domino, DJ Dynamix, DJ Matt Villa, DJ ADMC, DJ IFTW, DJ Javin, Eddie Villa Sr.

110 minutes, NR, Vangelis Films