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Film Review: ‘Biosphere’- Gender Fluidity And The Saving Of Humanity

For decades, Science Fiction films have been used to examine almost every aspect of society and humanity. Mel Eslyn’s “Biosphere” uses its “Silent Running” tinged Sci-Fi surroundings to probe the insights of male friendship, and the perceptions of masculinity, sexuality,

Film review: ‘Mermaid’s Lament”- Fantasy, Reality, And The Soul

Doing press for his soon to be released film “Mermaid’s Lament”, director G.B. Hajim released a statement; “My son and I have anxiety. Without medication it can be unbearable at times. The one place we never feel anxious about is

Film Review: ‘Past Lives’- Embrace The Change

Celine Song’s “Past Lives” is a film that embodies lyrics found in Al Stewart’s song “Time Passages”; “A girl comes towards you, You once used to know You reach out your hand, But you’re all alone, in these time passages

Tribeca 2023: ‘The Future’- Film Review

Tribeca 2023- “The Future” The one constant in life is that our future is uncertain. We can plan for it and do our best to guide where our life goes, but life itself promises no absolutes. Writer/director Noam Kaplan explores

Tribeca 2023: ‘Hey, Viktor!”- Film Review

Tribeca Film Festival 2023- “Hey, Viktor!” The mockumentary has been around for decades, but it was Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” that set the tone for actual performers playing over-the-top versions of themselves and their everyday lives. Cody Lightning’s “Hey,

Tribeca 2023: ‘One Night With Adela’- Film Review

Tribeca Film Festival 2023- “One Night with Adela”. Hugo Ruiz’s “One Night with Adela” is a gritty tale of revenge designed to be experienced as one unbroken shot. The style of making your film appear as one continuous take is,

Film Review: ‘The Neighbor’- Love In A World Of Hate

“The Neighbor” (titled “Hotel Milan” in Italy) is the fifth feature film written and directed by Pasquale Marrazzo. Focusing on a gay male couple, the piece examines self-expression and the freedom to love whomever our heart chooses while existing in

Film Review: ‘Esme, My Love’- A Tragic Past Shapes A Tragic Future

How one’s life plays out can never be predicted. Death, however, is guaranteed. Director Cory Choy’s “Esme, My Love” explores the bond between mother and daughter and how death is always one step behind us. The finality of life dictates

Film Review: ‘The Hole In The Fence’- Savagery And The Loss Of Innocence

Symbolism weighs heavy in every minute of the always involving but too obvious and much too harsh Mexican film “El hoyo en la cerca” (“The Hole in the Fence”). Written by Lucy Pawlak and Joaquin del Paso and directed by

Film review: ‘You Can Live Forever’- Love, Sex, And Individualism

Writer/directors Mark Slutsky and Sarah Watts’ debut feature “You Can Live Forever” is a film filled with truth, tenderness, and an understanding of character. Set in the early 1990s Canada, Jaime (wonderfully played by Anwen O’Driscoll) is sent to live