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Sundance 2023: ‘Young. Wild. Free.’- Film Review

Sundance 2023 Next Selection “Young. Wild. Free.” Adapted by a story from Tony Rettenmaier by Juel Taylor, “Young. Wild. Free.” is the feature directing debut of Thembi Banks, who shows a good knack for working with actors. Algee Smith stars

Sundance 2023: ‘Other People’s Children- Film Review

Sundance 2023 Premiere Selections “Other People’s Children” (“Les enfants de autres”)   Inspired by a personal experience, Rebecca Zlotowski’s “Other People’s Children” could be her finest work to date. The filmmaker creates a gentle and intelligent film about a childless

Sundance 2023: ‘Fancy Dance’- Film Review

Sundance 2023 U.S. Dramatic Competition “Fancy Dance” Erica Tremblay’s “Fancy Dance” aligns its warm heart with the many Indigenous Women who have been missing and murdered without finding justice and the Indigenous women who must navigate the world where the

Sundance 2023: ‘Freemont’- Film Review

Sundance 2023 Next Selections “Fremont”   Heavily influenced by the Black & White tinted and deceptively lackadaisical style of filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, Babak Jalali’s “Fremont” is a small film that too slowly reveals its intent. For Jalali’s fourth feature film,

Sundance 2023: ‘Radical’- Film Review

Sundance 2023 Premieres Selection “Radical” In the real world, educators rarely get the respect their profession deserves. Struggles against oppressive societies and inexcusably low budgets and salaries make the job of teachers a difficult and commendable one. Christopher Zalla’s “Radical”

Anthony Picks The 10 Worst Films Of 2022: A Bad Year For One Word Titles

No filmmaker alive sets out to create a bad film. I believe that every writer, producer, and director try their damnedest to make something good. Not every film works. Some films are just that, a swing and a miss. Some

‘Sam & Kate’- Film Review: Two Sets Of Acting Families In A Mismarketed Gem

In the surprisingly touching new film “Sam & Kate”, Sissy Spacek and Dustin Hoffman co-star with their real-life respective offspring, playing their fictional daughter and son. While this could be seen as stunt casting, what transpires is a deeply felt

‘The Fabelmans’ Review: A Master Filmmaker Captures Our Hearts And Imaginations

The films of today have lost their sense of wonder. In the digital age, a large portion of modern filmmakers lack the skill to use the lessons taught by the great directors of the past. Even fewer know how to

‘Causeway’- Film Review: A Literate Tale Of Human Compassion

One of the most fascinating things about Lila Neugebauer’s “Causeway” is how the director constructs the film to unfold patiently and instep with Jennifer Lawrence’s Lynsey’s slow recovery and Brian Tyree Henry’s James and his journey through personal loss. The

‘Triangle of Sadness’- Film Review: Too-Obvious Class Structure Satire

Parodying the smug bourgeois and their superior personalities is nothing new. Buñuel did it best in many films. Pier Paolo Pasolini tried but became a parody of himself. Ruben Östlund’s Palme d’Or winner “Triangle of Sadness” is a cinematic cocktail