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Film Review: ‘The Hole In The Fence’- Savagery And The Loss Of Innocence

Symbolism weighs heavy in every minute of the always involving but too obvious and much too harsh Mexican film “El hoyo en la cerca” (“The Hole in the Fence”). Written by Lucy Pawlak and Joaquin del Paso and directed by

Film review: ‘You Can Live Forever’- Love, Sex, And Individualism

Writer/directors Mark Slutsky and Sarah Watts’ debut feature “You Can Live Forever” is a film filled with truth, tenderness, and an understanding of character. Set in the early 1990s Canada, Jaime (wonderfully played by Anwen O’Driscoll) is sent to live

Film Review: ‘Master Gardener’- A Master Screenwriter In Top Form

Rebirth of the soul. “God’s lonely man” writing in his journal of a past littered with sin. A reach for a final grace. We are in the always intoxicating world of Paul Schrader whose “Master Gardener” arrives to give modern

Anthony’s Under-Seen Gems From The 1980’s: Part 1

What does it take for a film to connect with critics and audiences alike? A great script and bankable cast do not solidify a film’s future success upon release. Many good or great films are ignored by mainstream audiences (or

Film Review: ‘Everything Went Fine’: The Right To Die As We Wish

“Everything Went Fine” is François Ozon’s latest drama to tackle a controversial social issue. Much like the director’s 2018 Catholic Church sex abuse film “By the Grace of God”, Ozon takes on a serious and divisive subject with honesty and

Film Review: ‘All The World Is Sleeping’- Pain, Regret, Redemption

“All the World is Sleeping” is an extremely moving motion picture that was created to tackle the unfair and judgmental perceptions of mothers living with and struggling through addiction in the Latin communities. Writer/director Ryan Lacen has spoken in length

Sundance 2023: ‘Young. Wild. Free.’- Film Review

Sundance 2023 Next Selection “Young. Wild. Free.” Adapted by a story from Tony Rettenmaier by Juel Taylor, “Young. Wild. Free.” is the feature directing debut of Thembi Banks, who shows a good knack for working with actors. Algee Smith stars

Sundance 2023: ‘Other People’s Children- Film Review

Sundance 2023 Premiere Selections “Other People’s Children” (“Les enfants de autres”)   Inspired by a personal experience, Rebecca Zlotowski’s “Other People’s Children” could be her finest work to date. The filmmaker creates a gentle and intelligent film about a childless

Sundance 2023: ‘Fancy Dance’- Film Review

Sundance 2023 U.S. Dramatic Competition “Fancy Dance” Erica Tremblay’s “Fancy Dance” aligns its warm heart with the many Indigenous Women who have been missing and murdered without finding justice and the Indigenous women who must navigate the world where the

Sundance 2023: ‘Freemont’- Film Review

Sundance 2023 Next Selections “Fremont”   Heavily influenced by the Black & White tinted and deceptively lackadaisical style of filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, Babak Jalali’s “Fremont” is a small film that too slowly reveals its intent. For Jalali’s fourth feature film,