“Sir Roger Moore died today.”

That was the news that greeted me on my way into work.

I wasn’t dour or sad at the news of his passing.  In fact, I was inspired and glad.

Yes, we lost our beloved James Bond.  Yet his alter ego, one of many, will remain with us to cherish forever.

I was inspired by his humanity as an ambassador to the people.  roger-moore-0Not just in his home country of Great Britain, but around the entire world.  Moore gave of himself selflessly, and took much pleasure in doing so.  The entire world benefited from his generous spirit, his courage, his grace, the many talents on the screen with a twinkle in his eye, and his self-effacing nature.

He genuinely helped real people.  And he wanted to.  As a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, he advocated for children’s rights in Brazil, Mexico, and Ethiopia.

The Crown recognized his services both on and off the screen with the Knight Commander of the British Empire in 2003.  At the time it “meant far more than if [he’d] gotten an award for acting.”  Hollywood answered that call, awarding him a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame three days before his 81st birthday.

4242Ever the ladies’ man, he was married four times and had three children.  They were by his side as he passed after a short, but brave battle with prostate cancer.

Although I did not have the pleasure of meeting him, the first time I saw him on the big screen was in 1985’s A View to a Kill.  I had seen Octopussy and For Your Eyes Only on home video, but View really inspired me to explore the Bond-world.  I can thank my dad for getting me into Connery, but for me, there would always be Roger.  My mom introduced me to Moonraker and its largess, which I fell in love with.

Then, there was The Spy Who Loved Me.  It truly did define an era and made Moore an even bigger global presence.

Of course, Moore had other roles, most notably as Simon Templar in ‘The Saint’, The Wild Geese’s Lt. Shawn Fynn, Seymour Goldfarb, Jr in Cannonball Run, and a cameo as Inspector Jacques Clouseau in Curse of the Pink Panther among othersmoore2.

Throughout the day, I heard several people talk about his leading role as Ffolkes in ffolkes.  As I say when I am introduced to a movie I haven’t seen, “It’s going on the list” to watch.

I mentioned that I was glad.  I was glad that he did not suffer over a prolonged period.  I’m also glad that he made a difference in people’s lives, real people.

Roger Moore, KBE is someone to look up to and admire.  He once said “You can either grow old gracefully or begrudgingly. I chose both.”  I could only be so lucky.

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