Greetings fellow movie lovers,

As I branch out into the world of movies, more specifically a critical analysis of all facets of celluloid, I felt I needed a more controlled environment from which to conduct said reviews.  First, though, the blog needed to have a name – hence The Movie Revue (it would have been The Film Revue, but that was already taken.)

The purpose of this blog is for me to get my feet wet.  Of course, I’m not limiting myself to new releases or a specific genre.  Yes, I’ll even review Magic Mike XXL if you really want me to.  But that’s because I love movies.  I have since my parents got their very first GE VHS VCR in 1985.  My focus is to review not only new theatrical releases, but also to review movies on home video.  Of course, I should add the caveat that I am not currently set up to review streaming films or EST films from outfits like VUDU.  That may come, someday.

My next post will start with my equipment collection and I’ll migrate a few of my already written movie reviews.

And, I’ll see you at the theater!