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‘They/Them’- Film Review

The new Horror film-social commentary picture “They/Them” is the very definition of a missed opportunity. What could have been a scathing indictment of the sickening practice of “gay conversion therapy” mixed with an empowering portrayal of the LTBGQ+ community, becomes


James “Whitey” Bulger.  Brother of a U.S. senator from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and infamous criminal from the South Side of Boston, on the FBI’s most wanted list for many years.  Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill wrote a novel which

“Cop Car”

“Cop Car” was the third film in the Phoenix Film Society’s inaugural Summer Showcase on August 10 – 13th.  “Cop Car” is  now on home video. As children we feel as if we’re invincible or that we can do no