Sam’s Toilet Paper Caper!: A White Gold Parody

Written by Sam Irvin

Illustrated by Dan Gallagher

The Movie Revue is proud to offer this review of Sam Irvin’s parody, Sam’s Toilet Paper Caper!: A White Gold Parody, chronicling his adventures to acquire the Holy Grail of pandemic household items: toilet paper

From the onset of COVID-19 here in the United States, there seemed to be a rush on everyday goods, such as masks, and gloves, items that could offer protection from the unseen and the unknown. This made sense since we did not know as much about the virus’s communicability in late February, early March.

Before the government could untie its panties from the wad it was stuck in; astute families also made a run on, of all things, toilet paper. The soft, absorptive two-ply paper product, which generally adorned the aisles of grocers suddenly vanished, catching them unaware, suppliers could not keep up with the demand; it was a nightmare. Instinctively, families knew there might be a lockdown.

However, as “Sam’s Toilet Paper Caper!” so beautifully outlines, being locked down did not mean that prolific film director Sam Irvin had to stop being inventive. Having reached the end of his roll, Sam journeys out into the world to secure the long-sought-after product offering comfort (if we’re lucky) and practicality. Surmising that “rationing single squares can only go so far,” for Sam, the lockdown meant not having to accept the inevitable.

Told as a ‘Little Golden Books’ parody, Irvin is a gifted storyteller with a great sense of humor and humility. He shows no fear in telling the world about aspects of his personal life, and the beautiful illustrations by Dan Gallagher serve to extend Sam’s larger-than-life presence.

As a single guy, I can tell you that a six-pack would last me months on end. For Sam, his husband Gary and their two Chihuahuas, Nicky and Socks, that toilet paper was gold.

Sam carries the humor through his passion for films and genres that have graced our screens over the years, tying in to Peter Lorre and the noir thrillers of the past while prancing around the Austrian mountaintops to “The Sound of Music”, the adventure of securing that holiest of grails, toilet paper, is at the heart of “Sam’s Toilet Paper Caper!”.

As of this writing, “Sam’s Toilet Paper Caper!” has hit number one on Amazon’s LGBT Graphic Novels. Sam is graciously donating all the profits to the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. A paperback will be available soon.

“Sam’s Toilet Paper Caper!: A White Gold Parody’s” curvaceousness is matched by its ability to absorb the reader, allowing that coveted commode time to pass effortlessly. Move over Field and Stream! There’s a new commode-inducing pastime, and its name is “Sam’s Toilet Paper Caper!”