Essentially Cinema – A Podcast is Born

The Movie Revue has been in existence since 2015. Our aim is to provide independently minded movie coverage for all films, with a focus on independent cinema. We are not focused on one type or genre of film, and we do cover, by in large, first run features.

Often, a film will go unnoticed. To educate and discuss films, podcasting has become more important than ever. The Internet is replete with podcasts, carrying on with those same discussions.

Today, we’re proud to extend our outreach to all film aficionados with a brand-new podcast, Essentially Cinema, co-hosted by Ben Cahlamer and Anthony Francis.

Anthony is a wealth of information on film, his father having operated a movie theater. His knowledge of cinema is deep and therefore he’s seen quite a number of films that Ben might not have seen. Conversely, Ben is more in tune with modern films and might not have seen some of the great classics.

Our goal with Essentially Cinema is to bring our diametrically opposing thoughts (though sometimes we’re aligned) and respective film knowledge together through discussing a film that might be new to Ben, but old hat to Anthony. This allows us to offer both a fresh perspective coupled with an experienced perspective. The reverse might also be true in some cases, or we might both have seen a movie that deserves some attention.

Along the way, Essentially Cinema plans to host interviews with cast and/or crew along with a variety of films, offering series on films, television, directors, or themes and celebrate what makes cinema such a unique artform.

Either way, we’re sure that you’re going to appreciate what Essentially Cinema brings to you.

Inspired by the documentary, “Dear Ike: Lost Letters to a Teenage Idol,” our first episode, “Passions & Dreams” features a discussion with Ben and Anthony on Disney’s classic “Witch Mountain” movies along with a retrospective on actor, writer and all-around nice guy, Ike Eisenmann and the writer-director of “Dear Ike,” Dion Labriola.

We’d love to hear your feedback, perhaps a recommendation of a film that you feel warrants attention or what did or didn’t work on a particular episode. We’ve got several episodes that are nearly ready to be released and we’ll be releasing on a bi-weekly schedule.

Essentially Cinema is available on all of the major podcast platforms. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter @themovierevue.

This is Essentially Cinema.