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Underwater doesn’t try to reinvent its genre. Kristen Stewart and a relentless pacing keep the film interesting.

“Ad Astra”

James Gray’s “Ad Astra” is a character study of the isolation we experience not only in life, but in space. Through Brad Pitt’s phenomenal performance as Roy McBride, the film ponders a lot of questions about life while paying homage


Creation.  We have striven since the beginning of time to grow beyond ‘Adam and Eve’.  Science has allowed us to make great breakthroughs to help us extend and even enhance our lives.  Sometimes, things go too far and we must

“Fantastic 4” (2015)

“Fantastic 4” is clunky at best.  However, as much as Fox meddled with his creation, the story works on some levels. Reed (Miles Teller) and Ben (Jamie Bell) demonstrate their project, the teleportation of matter.  It catches the attention of