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‘The Holdovers’ Review: Paul Giamatti Shines in Alexander Payne’s Endearing Return to Form

When director Alexander Payne’s name is mentioned in film circles, ears perk up, especially with this critic. The modern crafter of the almighty curmudgeon, Payne’s eyes for isolation, survival, and “oh woe is me” attitude is something to cherish as


Creation.  We have striven since the beginning of time to grow beyond ‘Adam and Eve’.  Science has allowed us to make great breakthroughs to help us extend and even enhance our lives.  Sometimes, things go too far and we must


Music.  Long a voice of the underspoken and the underrepresented, sometimes your music is the only way to get heard. From the gritty reality of Compton, CA to the shady business dealings, F. Gary Gray’s Straight Outta Compton explores the