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‘Marry Me’ Review: Fun Graphic Novel Adaptation Struggles In The Romance Arena

Kat Coiro’s Marry Me featuring Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson, Maluma, and John Bradley hits theaters just in time for the Valentine’s Day weekend and coincides with the Super Bowl. Lopez plays Kat Valdez, an enormously successful musician who, at the

‘The French Dispatch’: Three Vignettes With First-Rate Cast Drives Drama, Humor and Warmth in Ode to Journalism

The French Dispatch from Wes Anderson is a joyous ode to journalism. Featuring an all-star cast, The French Dispatch is told in three vignettes, offering humor, warmth and an unexpected dramatic prose. Now in theaters and expanding on October 29.

NO ESCAPE (2015)

From our Futurevue series, comes No Escape.  Coming to theatres on August 26th. Family.  It is the most critical thing to a human’s well being.  We may not always get along and our paths may diverge as we get older.  But