We’re almost back!

I first want to thank my loyal followers for their patience over the last ten months. We’re rapidly approaching the point where some content will be produced for The Movie Revue and we’re looking forward to continuing to explore films with you. With out you, my readers, we wouldn’t be where we are now. Thank […]

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Dante’s Hell duo, “Dante’s Inferno – Abandon All Hope” and “Dante’s Hell Animated” are exceptional.

Boris Acosta offers an insightful look into Hell with his documentary, “Dante’s Inferno – Abandon All Hope” followed by his animated version of Dante’s journey with “Dante’s Hell Animated.” In Sunday School, stories would be shared of the afterlife; if you were good, and followed the Commandments, you would be offered a life in heaven. […]

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The Commuter by Brian Wallinger

January has always proven to be a temperamental month for films, coming off the end of award season. The season starts over into each new year with a mix bag of produced filler material that ranges from either “good” to absolute “dumpster fire” with no real balance of a middle ground. occasionally, there have proven […]

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“This is not the end….” Although we might come back with Top 10 list of 2017, I have become too busy to manage this site and so in order to focus on other avenues, it is with sincere regret that I announce that The Movie Revue is going on an extended hiatus. Don’t fret.  My […]

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