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Score one for Team Equality with ‘F(l)ag Football’ Doc

We all struggle to find our own place in the world.  Life gets interesting as we discover ourselves and we form relationships with others.  It gets more complicated when we struggle with our sexual identity.  It’s not something most of

Fun ‘The Lego Ninjago Movie’ suffers from flat characters

As a child, my older brother would get Lego kits. He would build them as I played with my Duplo sets and as we got older, his Lego sets became disjointed; pieces everywhere, allowing our imagination to soar as we

Gyllenhaal gives Oscar-worthy performance in inspired ‘Stronger’

As the events of David Gordon Green’s Stronger unfolded, I was reminded of my own life. We all struggle everyday of our lives, but no greater test of courage exists then what befalls us when tragedy strikes. For Jeff Bauman, a native

There’s nothing Golden about ‘Kingsman’ sequel

History is replete with the spoils of cinematic spies; resources and gadgets are ready at an instant; beautiful locales, venomous villains and gorgeous ladies on tap. James Bond was fashionable, Steve Rogers was symbolic, Austin Powers was hip, Derek Flint

‘Good Time’ Review by Brian Wallinger

The studio, A24 has produced some amazing films over the years.  Their latest offering, the Safdie brothers’ crime-drama Good Time is no exception.  A tale of one man’s desperation and his ultimate downward spiral is the central thesis for this

‘Wind River’ Review by Brian Wallinger

Taylor Sheridan’s follow up to the critical hit film, Hell or High Water is a film of sheer humanistic power, operated on by the highest magnitude.  Loosely based on true events, the story begins with a woman on the run,