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“Cop Car”

“Cop Car” was the third film in the Phoenix Film Society’s inaugural Summer Showcase on August 10 – 13th.  “Cop Car” is  now on home video. As children we feel as if we’re invincible or that we can do no

“Time Out of Mind”

“Time Out of Mind” was the second film during the Phoenix Film Society’s inaugural Summer Showcase on August 10 – 13th.  The second film in the series, Time Out of Mind is now on home video. Instinctively, we know to look

“Mistress America”

“Mistress America” opened The Phoenix Film Society’s inaugural Summer Film Festival August 10 – 14. The first film in the series, Mistress America, is now on home video.” College can be challenging enough when you’re trying to find your way


“Mission:  Impossible – Ghost Protocol,” the first movie to imply an episode name, is brought to us under the skillful eye of Brad Bird.  Building on some of the story pieces of “M:i – III”, a disavowed Hunt is in


The third mission, expected shortly after 2000, took six years to materialize.  Several directors and actors came and went.  Producer Cruise selected JJ Abrams to direct the next film. In Abrams’ theatrical debut, we find Ethan Hunt retired from IMF

“M:i – 2” (DVD)

The first impossible mission a success, Paramount doubled the budget and Cruise and Wagner got to work on a second impossible mission, “M:i – 2”. This time, with John Woo behind the camera and a fresh script from Brannon Braga


Just after the start of the Pierce Brosnan Bond series and before Jason Bourne, Ethan Hunt graced 3,012 screens throughout the United States on Memorial Day weekend, 1996.  Armed with a $70 million budget on a script that, initially, no

‘Covert Operations: Guns, Women, and Espionage’

Using movies in our home video library, we focus on a series of movies with a common theme.  To honor of the recent theatrical release of “Mission:  Impossible – Rogue Nation”, we bring you ‘Covert Operations: Guns, Women and Espionage’,

“Fantastic 4” (2015)

“Fantastic 4” is clunky at best.  However, as much as Fox meddled with his creation, the story works on some levels. Reed (Miles Teller) and Ben (Jamie Bell) demonstrate their project, the teleportation of matter.  It catches the attention of

“The Gift” (2015)

“The Gift” from Joel Edgerton strikes a chord with expert performances and a strong story. How we treat people and our relationships with them are critical to our social development. When we are kids, we don’t understand that how we